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The Great TV Post of 2017

If you have spent any amount of time with me, following me on social media, reading this blog, you know I have very deep feelings about television. My life-long relationship with my best friend was born out of our mutual love for a television show and tv keeps us going at a long-distance. Seriously, we have tv date nights weekly where we simultaneously watch a show together and text each other our commentary. We are hilarious by the way.

Because of my great love/obsession with television this season is like my Christmas. Fall tv premiere week(s) is the most wonderful time of the year. I am so happy that my shows are returning and thus my imaginary connection to several fictional characters who I have missed greatly over the summer months will be rekindled.

People are always asking me about my shows and I can never fully explain because, well, because TV!! (I'm not even going to be able to completely explain it here because if I cover every show I love and why, this will become the blog post that never ends. Don't even get me started on the shows who failed me...I'm talking to you Heroes and that Lost ending.)

So what are the shows I'm ready to fangirl over this year...

1. Supernatural

I have spent 12 seasons with the Winchester boys and I am in for life, through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the pie. Not every episode is killer, not every season is perfect but I don't care because I care about those boys. (Last season I spent 30 minutes in my living room, yelling at the tv, lecturing Mary Winchester on Sam and Dean's behalf. Yes, it happened and I'm not even ashamed.)

(Supernatural gets 2 GIFs because I couldn't help myself, yellow fever is my fave episode, and I said so.)

PS: If a show makes me care about the characters I am way more forgiving about other weaknesses and will keep watching. If I don't care about the characters it better have some good questions that make me want to come example of that would be Whispers. I couldn't find myself liking or really caring about any of the characters but it had good questions so I kept coming back. I sometimes wondered why I did but they always seemed to scrape up enough to pull me back with.

2. Arrow

I love Oliver Queen. I just do. My husband knows so its ok. It's just a crush, though a sometimes soul-crushing crush. Like that time they wanted us to think Oliver was dead and while we all know he couldn't be dead because he's the main character in the show but we were still worried because he fell off a snowy mountain after being stabbed with a sword so it looked bad, real bad and I wasn't okay for that whole Christmas hiatus. Sorry for the run on sentence, I get that way about Ollie. But I can't help it I love this show and I can't wait for the new season because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

*I also watch the Flash, SuperGirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Agents of Shield. And I will be watching Black Lightning. I'd put GIFs for them all but refer back to paragraph 3.

3. This is Us

Do I even have to explain the awesomeness that is this show? Great cast. The acting is perfection. The writing is spectacular. It hits you in all the feels. Just talking about it makes me feel the feels....I'm not crying, you're crying.

4. The Good Doctor

Speaking of feels, did you watch the pilot of The Good Doctor? If the answer is no, go watch it now...seriously, I'll wait. Okay, I mean can you even? Oh, my heart. I don't even have words, its just so good. So good. SO. GOOD.

5. Everything Else

Okay, so this has barely scratched the surface of my Hulu watchlist. (I'm still mad at Hulu for that app update and I still hate it. If you want to read that rant, go read it.) But here is the rundown of everything else...mostly.

Sitcoms: Sometimes you just need 21 minutes of fun and laughter while you eat tacos. My family loves American Housewife, Blackish, Big Bang Theory, Kevin Can Wait, The Goldbergs and we were impressed with the pilots of Me, Myself & I and Young Sheldon.

I am also digging Wynonna Earp and will give Star Trek: Discovery another episode or two.

I like Bull, Macgyver and Hawaii Five-0 (My daughters both love Steve McGarrett.)

I am sure there are more I'm missing. I know that seems like a lot and you are asking yourself how I ever get anything else done and how I manage to find time to write any books or feed my kids but I am really good at time management. Plus, and while as a writer this is slightly embarrassing to admit and I am working on it, I don't read a lot. Well, I read during the day, some, when I'm not writing. But television is my escape. I love grabbing the good chocolate and curling up with a good show and getting lost in it's world. TV is my thing. I don't knit or jog or paint... I watch tv and I love it!

What are your favorite tv shows? Really I want to know in case I am missing something brilliant.

Oh, I totally forgot that I absolutely cannot wait for the new season of Stranger Things. (I really didn't get into any Netflix originals but I'll stop because you've got a life and I now want to make waffles.)


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