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I have been in ministry for over 20 years; most of it to teenagers and now focusing on young adults. (No trying to guess my age though, LOL.) My husband and I are both ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God. Currently, we pastor at Faith Community Church in House Springs, Missouri. We have two sassy daughters, Lila and Rory. (Both of whom love Wonder Woman as much as me, which is a lot. Because Wonder Woman!!!)


My faith is core to who I am. I love Jesus with my whole heart and believe that true fulfillment only comes through a relationship with Him. I love mentoring young adults and helping them to build that relationship as they see themselves through His eyes. I want every person I come in contact with to know that they are POWERFUL, CHOSEN, LOVED, and NEVER ALONE. (For real, I even put this line in one of my books.)


While I have always loved the idea of writing and felt it could be part of my ministry, it is only within the last few years I actually put pen to page. I tried my hand at writing nonfiction and self-published a collection of essays for women in ministry. That experience taught me a lot about the publishing industry and myself and how writing would fit into my purpose. (It also taught me I don't want to write least anytime soon...sorry.)


I just love good stories! I love the drama of storytelling and getting lost in my imagination. I also love creating characters whose lives have a message. I believe that stories can bring to life the Gospel in a way no sermon can. They can seep through our layers and speak to the deepest parts of who we are. My desire is to craft stories that will motivate young women to discover and live for their purpose on purpose. That's how #LiveChosen was born.


Aside from writing I, and my husband Brian, love speaking to students, engaging them in a message that challenges them to pursue the greatness God has created them for (and I'm kind of funny). When we aren't working we like taking in a good movie (Anything with superheroes, fantastical elements or thought-provoking stories is a win for us, especially if it involves Wonder Woman or Captain America...Because Wonder Woman!! And my daughter's love for the Captain runs deep folks, real deep).  I am also addicted to coffee and chocolate and a little, okay a lot, obsessed with tv (If you want to make me happy ask me about Supernatural, seriously, I am ride or die with those boys...also Buffy, Angel...come to think of it this list could get exhaustive so I'll stop here but I LOVE GOOD TV).  




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