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What is #LiveChosen?

I spend a lot of time mentoring students, especially young women. I have two daughters. I write books about girls who are trying to save the world. I, myself am a girl. Being a girl is awesome, but most days we feel less like Wonder Woman than we would like. We get lost in peer pressure and pop culture that tells us who and what and how we have to be to feel good and pretty and valuable. 


It's time we stopped living lost and hurt and broken and starting living like the daughters of Zion that we truly are. 


God has created each of us with value beyond words and a purpose that is powerful. First and foremost that purpose is to know Him, truly deeply know Him. It's the foundation for everything.


#LiveChosen is an initiative to encourage young women (and the young at heart, and even maybe some boys too) to see themselves the way God sees them and live accordingly. Instead of carrying the weight of the world's perceptions, my hope is they will walk in the strength of their Maker knowing they are powerful, they are chosen, they are loved and they are never alone.


You can find #LiveChosen content and resources by clicking the buttons on the right! 

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