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My Writing Playlists

One of the first things I do, when I start plotting and researching a new story, is to curate a playlist. I choose songs that have the right feel or theme for this new book. I choose songs that match what my characters might feel in certain moments. I choose songs that will get me in the right headspace for it's world. It's become not just a tradition with each book, but a huge part of my creative process. And I LOVE my book playlists! I hope you love them too!

#TCO3 Trilogy


This urban fantasy playlist is pretty much made up of what I think would be on our demon slayers' playlists. If they would sing it in the kitchen, have it blasting while training, or play it while talking with the Maker, it's here. 

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The Wolf Queen

Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 11.54.14 AM.png

A mix of Viking and medieval build the musical aesthetic for this tale of shield maidens and dragons. Featuring both instrumental and lyrical selections, I hope this playlist will transport you to the Four Realms.

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The Wayward

Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 11.54.58 AM.png

An ecclectic mix of folk, country, and more invite you to enter Beartooth and introduce you to Wilder and Declan. I imagine these to be the songs played around the community bonfire. 

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