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#TCO3Trilogy Character Fun Facts

Check out the character profiles below then keep scrolling for more bonus material! (Be sure to click on the images to be taken to their individual Pinterest boards to see more of what inspired each character.)


"Legend? My aunt Claire...who sings off key while she makes pancakes?"

Fave food: Blueberry Muffins

Fave song/band: Imagine Dragons

Fave cereal: Lucky Charms

Fave movie: The Princess Bride

Fave pie: Sugar Cream

Fave lollipop flavor: Cherry

Hobby? She Doesn't have time for hobbies what with the demon slaying, but her paying gig is as a freelance journalist so...writing?

Coffee or tea? Coffee, with half and half, and keep 'em coming. 

Biggest fear? Failing the ones she loves, including the Maker. She does everything she can to take care of her makeshift family even if it means putting her own wants and needs aside. We won't talk about her love life...complicated doesn't begin to cover it. 


"Everyone deserves to be saved."

Fave food: Chinese Takeout, especially fried rice. 

Fave song/band:  Lauren Daigle

Fave cereal: Fruit Loops

Fave movie: A tie between Hook & The Goonies. She and her parents would watch them all the time.

Fave pie: Apple

Fave lollipop flavor: Cherry 

Hobby? Dance, especially ballet. She's been taking classes since she was four. 

Coffee or tea? Mocha Latte

Biggest fear? Losing everyone she loves and being left all alone. She's hoping her new super powers will help her keep that from happening. 


"More than bright blue, [his eyes] almost glowed, like a light coming from within him."

Fave food: He doesn't really eat but likes ice cream. 

Fave song/band: Elvis  (Charlie plays it a lot and the Guardian has "grown fond of it."

Fave cereal: Raisin Bran

Fave movie: He's only ever watched one, The Princess Bride. ;)

Fave pie: Blueberry

Fave lollipop flavor: Maggie made him pick one so he chose cherry. 

Hobby? Baking

Coffee or tea? Neither. He only drinks water.

Biggest fear? Giving into temptation. He wants to please the Maker above all else but spending so much time with humans has brought challenges and confusion. 


"Lollipops just make life better!"

Fave food: Funnel cake

Fave song/band: All 90s boy bands

Fave cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Fave movie: Star Wars

Fave pie: Coconut Cream

Fave lollipop flavor: All of them!!

Hobby: Drawing. She keeps her sketchbook with her all the time. 

Coffee or tea? A unicorn frappuccino 

Biggest fear? That she won't matter, that her life won't mean anything. So she works really hard to make a difference, even a very small one, every day for someone in her life. 


"In response he could swear his heart heard what his mind couldn't...I never gave up on you."

Fave food: Tacos (But he loves food in general.)

Fave song/band: Imagine Dragons

Fave cereal: Captain Crunch, preferably with crunch berries. 

Fave movie: Forrest Gump

Fave pie: Key Lime

Fave lollipop flavor: Sour Apple

Hobby? Building things. (He thinks he wants to be an architect.)

Coffee or tea? Coffee, black.

Biggest fear? Not being enough. 


"I wasn't out tormenting lost souls, I just had detention."

Fave food: Bacon

Fave song/band: 80s metal like AC/DC and Def Leppard with some Sinatra thrown in.

Fave cereal: Corn Pops

Fave movie: He's actually never watched a movie before, at least not that he can remember. 

Fave pie: Apple

Fave lollipop flavor: He refuses to choose one just to annoy Maggie. 

Hobby? He'll let you know when he finds one. Unless annoying Daniel counts, in which case, that. 

Coffee or tea? Tea

Biggest fear? Well, he doesn't really have one, he's already lived it. But spiders freak him out. 


"You're bacon me crazy."

Fave food: A good burger

Fave song/band: The Lumineers

Fave cereal: Frosted Flakes

Fave movie: Shawshank Redemption

Fave pie: Lemon Meringue 

Fave lollipop flavor: Grape

Hobby? Singing and playing piano

Coffee or tea? Chai Latte

Biggest fear? Losing the love of his life, or is it losing himself? Maybe it's just losing period. 


"The point isn't to protect us from all the bad, sweetheart. It's to be with us through it."

Fave food: Biscuits and Gravy

Fave song/band: Elvis

Fave cereal: Raisin Bran

Fave movie: Lonesome Dove

Fave pie: Apple

Fave lollipop flavor: He will not be seen eating a lollipop even for Maggie.

Hobby? Woodcarving

Coffee or tea? Coffee (Is that what's always in his cup?)

Biggest fear? That all the sacrifices he's made and pain he's endured will be for nothing, that they won't have been enough to get the job done in the end. 


“You can’t withstand this…you can’t withstand me.”

Fave food: None 

Fave song/band: The screams of his enemies

Fave cereal: none

Fave movie: Prefers a good book

Fave pie: none

Fave lollipop flavor: none (Maggie says this is fine because he's evil and doesn't deserve a lollipop.)

Hobby: Invading people's dreams and turning them to nightmarish visions. 

Coffee or tea? A hot cup of Earl Grey

Biggest fear? He would say he doesn't have a biggest fear because he is fear. That's true, but not just in the way he thinks. He's really afraid. He's afraid of the Maker and of his own destiny. He's so afraid that he tries to cover it with power. 


“You think if you weren’t so special He would have cared? That you wouldn’t have ended up just like me? Or the others?”

Fave food: Sushi

Fave song/band: KPOP 

Fave cereal: Fruit Loops

Fave movie: Beaches (Don't ask us, but that's what she said. We were as surprised as you are.)

Fave pie: Chocolate

Fave lollipop flavor: (She also gets no lollipops for being evil.)

Hobby? Knitting (She is full of surprises, this one.)

Coffee or tea? Tea

Biggest fear? Being vulnerable with other people. She doesn't want to look weak, ever. 

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