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Maggie gives the Avengers Lollipops!

Hi! *waving enthusiastically*

This is Maggie and I am taking over Tab's blog. If you don't know me I am a figment of her imagination who started out as a side character in the TCO3 Trilogy but was so awesome that I obviously won your hearts and have become a fan favorite.

One other thing you need to know about me is that I am obsessed with lollipops. They just make life better. I mean, think about it, has there ever been a time in your life where eating a lollipop didn't make you smile just a little? They lift spirits, people!!

With that being said I feel like some spirits need to be lifted. I know mine do after watching Avengers Infinity War. (This is a spoiler free zone so you can proceed safely if you haven't seen it but I was shook and need the lollipop-obsessed moment that is about to happen.)

So, I thought it would be fun to hand out lollipops to the Avengers. I mean if we are shook than they must be shooketh on another level. They need all the lollipops and hugs they can get! I am coming to the rescue!!!

1. Captain America

Oh Captain, my Captain. He gets an apple pie lollipop. Get it? Captain America? As American as apple pie? Cuz, 'Merica. We will give him an extra to share with Bucky because I also believe the Captain is good at sharing and would want to.

​2. Iron Man

Okay, so listen, after the whole Civil War thing I still have beef with Iron Man. (I was totally #TeamCap) so I almost just handed him cherry cuz it matched his suit and went on with it but I figured I should be the bigger person. So in the spirit of forgiveness I am offering him a champagne lollipop. It seems like something he would like.

3. Thor

He gets root beer. I think he would prefer beer beer but I'm not 21 and it feels awkward somehow. (I mean, do I need an ID to buy beer flavored lollipops? IDK, better be safe rather than sorry.)

4. Vision

I'm not sure that Vision even eats food but assuming he does I would offer him a Lemon Meringue Lollipop. It's sunny and light and would brighten anyone's mood. Also the yellow matches his infinity stone.

5. Spiderman

Peter Parker is too precious for this world and deserves ALL the lollipops. He can have whatever he wants. If I have to pick than he gets a pizza flavored lollipop. It screams New York and I'm assuming he likes pizza. (I couldn't find any sandwich flavored ones or I would have gone with that cuz I know he likes sandwiches.)

6. Hulk

The green guy gets a lavender flavored lollipop. It's a super zen sounding flavor and lavender is supposed to be calming so it seems like something he might need in his life.

7. Dr. Strange.

Dr. Strange is totally getting a mystery lollipop cuz I want to see if he knows the flavor before he even unwraps it. Honestly, I'd sit there with a whole bag of mystery lollipops and see how many he can guess correctly or how many I make him guess before he gets annoyed with me. (I'm betting the answer to that second question is 4.)

8. Black Panther

I took quite a long time thinking of a flavor for T'Challa. I mean, he's a king and he's super cool so he deserves a super cool flavor. I settled on a Chai Tea Lollipop. It just feels cool and sleek and regal. At least to me. Shuri gets one too!

9. The Guardians of the Galaxy

I am putting all the guardians in one group for two reasons...1. I don't have all day for this and 2. because I found the perfect lollipops for them. 80's ASTRO POPS!!! I mean they are retro, the name has to do with space...what could be more perfect? Nothing, nothing could.

10. Thanos

Okay, I am sure giving the villain a lollipop seems like a totally un-Maggie thing to do. You're right, it is, I normally make it policy to not give great evils lollipops. However I am making an exception because I feel like the right lollipop and this big purple lug might cheer up and gain some new perspective on life and his choices and the state of the universe. I'm not saying a lollipop can change the world but it's worth a shot. So our big bad gets a unicorn frappuccino lollipop. I'm not really sure that is even a thing, but it should be, and if it was it would be the perfect lollipop to instill joy in a person. Sweetness, bright colors, the word unicorn...someone should get on this, THE WORLD IS AT STAKE!!!!

(Okay, so maybe Thanos might need two of those Unicorn lollipops.)

So there you have it. I know I missed a few characters but I have finals to study for and Tab needs her laptop back. Feel free to comment your flavor choices for the rest of the gang. They deserve lollipops too!

Oh, and if you haven't seen Infinity Wars yet, go see it. It's awesome! But bring a lollipop with you cuz you're gonna need it.


Maggie 🍭🍭🍭

PS: All the suggested lollipop flavors are real, except the unicorn frappuccino one which should be. I was going to make these awesome images with the Avenger and the actual lollipop but Tab started going on and on about creative commons and usage rights and not wanting to get sued by Marvel blah blah blah. So I went with GIFs all powered by GIPHY. I mean, they're no lollipops but GIFs are fun.

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