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A Very TCO3 Thanksgiving!

So, I wanted to write a delightful post about holidays and family traditions with cute anecdotes or helpful tips. I can't think of any. I mean none. The best I have is a cry for help because my giant wolf dog (actually husky mix but wolf dog sounds cooler) is suddenly in to shredding paper wrapping and pulling things out of boxes. You get how this could be problematic this time of year right? I've never had to worry about this sort of thing with him before, but apparently he thinks his job has become package inspector. I'm sure he's just worried for our safety.

But back to the topic at hand, the holidays. Can we talk fictional holidays? Pretty please? I'm in a writing mode, trying to get the first draft of my third TCO3 book done. My head is consumed by my characters. While they will be celebrating Christmas in book 3 (sorry for the mild spoiler), we totally skipped Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and wondered what it would be like in the Andrews' home.

There will be food. The squad is always eating. I think the food would be traditional too. But maybe not, maybe they are the sort that don't cook a big meal with turkey and the normal sides but they order Chinese. Would they just order Chinese? Does it matter as long as there is a lot of food?

There would be fun. Like Gilmore Girls' style running commentary while watching the parade, or playing touch football in the back yard, or jokes about consecrated butter knives. (And I think we would all totally believe that Maggie would sing into a drumstick, or chopstick.)

No matter what the day holds, I know that to Claire and Zoe family is is pie! There would be lots of pie. All of the pie!

(Pie needs more than one GIF)

(I want some pie now.)

After the pie, the second slice, the ranks of the Chosen would probably end the day by killing some demons because that's how they roll.

Turkey and fun and pie and demons and then more pie. That's my version of TCO3 thanksgiving. What's yours? Comment what you think the crew would be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving or what kind of pie they would eat before and after the shadow hunt. Then go enjoy all your family traditions and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. AND PIE!! (I don't know why I shouted that. I'm just super excited about pie.)

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