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Finding God In Anime

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I have a confession to make...I don't watch or read anime. It's never really been my thing. But it has been my friends' thing and if we can't celebrate our friends and what they are passionate about then what is the point?

I also fully support living chosen; when someone is able to take that thing they are good at or passionate about, and use it to connect with God and connect others to God. I have some friends who love anime and they have done just that. Let me introduce you to their awesome project.

About Finding God in Anime

Being a Christian can be tough. Being an otaku can be tough. But being both at once?

Sometimes it seems easier to become Hokage rather than explaining your faith and passions to others. That is why we otaku have united in this devotional: To encourage otaku like you spiritually and through a medium we all cherish.

In this devotional, you will find God in the animes you know and love. Each devotional presents spiritual lessons found in animes ranging from the world-famous Attack on Titan to fan-favorite Haikyu!! to beloved classics like Cowboy Bebop. Each piece will feature a different theme such as:

  • Human Will vs. The Holy Spirit in Yona of the Dawn

  • Choosing to be Free in Free! Swim Club

  • Not by My Might in My Hero Academia

…and many others! We believe that God can be seen throughout His creation—even in places where people might not intend! So pull out your cosplay and snuggle close with your plushies as you join us in Finding God in Anime.

Praise for Finding God in Anime:

"Finally, otaku have a devotional to call their own, one that’s centered on scripture and as diverse thematically as it is with the anime it discusses, from recent popular works like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan to classics like Cowboy Bebop and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Filled with encouraging messages, I found myself uplifted as I read the devotions, which pointed me toward living a more holy life with patient and grace-filled words by the writers. This is the kind of work that you carry with you, pulling out to read when discouraged by the world and your own shortcomings to remember that God is with us, that he cares, and that he’s speaking to us—even through anime." ~ Charles Sadnick, Founder of Beneath the Tangles, Devotional Author, and Christian Anime Journalist

About the Organizers

Laura and Moriah’s life consists of giving each other manga recommendations until they see whose TBR pile will fall on them first. Rest assured they're both still safe...until another manga releases. In the meantime, they enjoy sharing beautiful pictures of Japan and trying to make each other laugh with anime memes. They both have an appreciation for cute stickers, samurai, and pins. If they're not chatting about all things otaku, you can find them trying to write their next story or surviving on ramen and pocky after their latest manga order.

*To catch more info on Finding God In Anime, reviews and more, check out the whole blog tour! Just click here for the Kick-Off post to see the full schedule.

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2 Kommentare

01. Mai 2023

I don't really like creating some kind of cult around anime, as fanaticism borders on insanity. But I have a bunch of favorite titles that I love to review. Recently, I even decided to create an amv from my favorite anime, for example, Naruto van Pease, Resero, Tokyo ghoul, parasite. However, this process was not as simple as I initially thought. Since it is rare to find an anime file to download in good quality and also in the right format. But this site helped me with this . Then I realized how you can convert videos to another format that I need, there are also a lot of useful articles on other topics that are useful for a…

Gefällt mir

Laura Pol
Laura Pol
09. Juni 2021

Sending you SOOOOOO many bear hugs! You are amazing and I am deeply thankful for all your love and support!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for sharing, sweet friend!

Gefällt mir
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