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Living Chosen is Through Unconditional Obedience

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I want to welcome Laura A. Grace to the blog today. Before you read about how she lives chosen, take a moment to celebrate the release of her first book, Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl. (Happy dance, y'all!) More info on how to connect with Laura and get her book to follow. Now keep reading to get the scoop on Laura and living chosen.


Since I first felt called to write about five years ago, I have always known that writing is (and was) one way to show my faith in the Creator by actively writing.

If I believed I really was called to write, then I would be willing to lay down all my doubts and fears and serve God faithfully in this area of my life.

Yet, it wasn’t until recently did I realize how horrible of a view I had towards this calling.

I have viewed it as sacred, yes, I would write, but those next four years were spent in deep struggle to even write a few words a day. I could not understand how one could honor a calling with love and joy if one couldn’t write stories, especially if that’s what they felt called to do.

Every time I tried writing, it was like hitting a brick wall. No matter how hard I tried to pull bricks out of this wall, the words simply would not come.

I didn’t have any “sudden” breakthroughs.

I didn’t have any memories to “fall back on” to remind me why I was enduring this.

No, it was just me standing at my brick wall with clenched hands, an angry mindset, and a weary heart from fighting so hard.

What started as an exciting idea to pen stories quickly became an idea that only filled me with loathing and bitterness. If I was obeying God by trying to write, why wouldn’t the words come? Why would He call me to something that felt so fruitless by any means of me creating?


Did you catch that?

By means of me creating.

It took watching a recent anime, trying to promote my book Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl, and a new revelation concerning a childhood fear to realize that as much as I would love to say I was fulfilling my calling, I wasn’t.

I haven’t been. I mean, at least, not really. Because in my heart, writing was no longer about serving God or connecting with other people.

It had become about me and what I could do on my own knowledge, my own strength.

And the words wouldn’t come because I didn’t know what I was doing.

But God does.

He always does, and I can joyfully obey Him no matter if words are flowing or not because I am His child and He called me chosen before I even had an inkling to write stories.

I no longer need to look up at that looming brick wall and see myself as a failure because I couldn’t break through it.

No, I can look up at that looming wall and just keep writing, just keep trusting my Creator and this calling on my life because I know He can break through it.

I don’t have to have all the right words.

I don’t have to have a perfect writing process.

I don’t even have to write well.

I can simply live chosen by believing one more word written, one more story idea recorded, will lead to something that God can use.


Because He chose me and He’s going to finish the good work He started in me.


Walking in obedience, living chosen, isn't always easy. But it's not in our own strength that we have to walk, that we pursue our purpose. I love that! And I think the song Laura included for us is right on point.

Now that you have gotten a little glimpse into Laura's writing journey, I'd love for you to check out her debut book. It is so full of heart and encouragement.

About Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl

Think your words might not matter? Think again.

Words have the power to change lives, especially when they are used to create meaningful stories. In this collection of letters, bookish fangirl Laura A. Grace addresses topics related to every writer’s journey. From “character conversations,” to embracing one’s unique writing style, to celebrating a release day—there is a letter for every author no matter where they may be in sharing their story with others.

“Dear Author” includes six illustrations by Hannah S.J. Williams.

Purchase Links

About the Author

Laura A. Grace had a lifelong dream of getting to know authors behind the covers of her favorite reads. Little did she know that one day she would become an author too! Now an avid book blogger at Unicorn Quester and writer of clean, Christian manga, Laura creatively balances her passions of supporting indie authors and feeding her readers new stories. In between, she wields plastic lightsabers with her children and binge-watches anime with her husband. Join her quest to find wandering unicorns for your favorite authors at!

Join in the celebration of Laura A. Grace’s debut motivational, Dear Author: Letters form a Bookish Fangirl, on December 5th from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM EST (5:30 PM PST and 6:30 PM MDT)! Grab your favorite drink and snack and be prepared for a fun time of encouragement, games, and giveaways. (Possibly an exclusive sneak peek to upcoming projects!) Special guests Janeen Ippolito and Katie Phillips will also be joining in the fun!

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