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The Hunted

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hi peoples!

So I am super excited to introduce you to a new book! Like real excited.

Are you ready for it? Huh? Are you? Okay, well here it is...

The Hunted, is the sequel to The Marked. (Emerald wrote this awesome post about The Marked and #LiveChosen.) Back to The Hunted.

Basically, Myka Williams has been forced out of Knight's Academy and is on the run,..

...constantly moving to keep the vampires off her trail until Preston's venom is no longer coursing through her veins.

But she isn’t alone. Brent Jacobson is her protector, training her and teaching her how to be the werewolf she’s destined to be.

He's annoying, stubborn—and hot.

But there’s something he isn't telling her.

Myka has to come face-to- face with the truth of who she really is. Will she find safety, or will she always be hunted?

I LOVED The Marked and am halfway through The Hunted and on the edge of my seat. I've already wanted to punch Preston in the face, been torn between Milo and Brent and had a nice surprise. If you like cool, fun, slightly intense stories with a supernatural twist then you should dive into The Knight's Academy series. Like, now! (The Mother of Dragons says so.)


Emerald Barnes resides in a small town in Mississippi and has the accent to prove it. She’s an auntie, a youth leader, a Whovian, a little bit of a nerd, a reader, a writer, and a family-oriented person. God is number One in her life, and she thanks Him continuously for His love and favor. She’s addicted to tv and binge-watching shows, and she has a thing for superheroes.

Connect with Emerald:


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