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  • Tabitha Caplinger

Good, Good Father

God is good. He has given me a new introduction to His goodness and love for me this week and I needed to share it with you.

I am about to embark on a 9 day journey overseas. I’m going to a new place for a new experience and while it started out completely exciting I have slowly become unnerved by it. Fear has crept into my thoughts and heart and has sought to steal all my joy over this adventure I knew God had called me on.

If I am completely honest I was on the verge of calling it quits and choosing not to go. Between the fears of a new place and the anxiety of leaving my husband and daughters for a longer period of time then I have ever been away from them I was really starting to struggle.

I posted last week about tackling fear in exchange for faith. I posted that more for myself then for anyone else who would read it. I needed the reminder. And the whole time I was typing I was praying that God would help me do what I was telling others to do. I was praying that He would help me to bow to my faith rather than my fear. But as fingers struck the keyboard my fears were winning.

But God is a good Father.

In the last week since typing that post I can’t count the ways that God has shown up, right in front of my face, to remind me of His faithfulness and His love for me. While stressing out in my car the perfect song would come on the radio telling me to cast my cares on Him. Picking up my iPhone to read my daily devotion while my heart wrenched an image came up telling me to ask the Lord to give me courage to face my fears. Verse after verse I have read this week has spoken directly to my soul and strengthened my spirit. And I didn’t go looking for them. I didn’t change the playlist or my Bible reading plan, I carried on like I normally do. But God showed up and spoke what I needed to encourage my heart and soul.

Why? Because He cares about me. He knows that I am afraid and He loves me enough to remind me that I have nothing I need to fear because I have Him. He knows that this is difficult and my momma heart is cracking a little under the weight of leaving my girls, even for a short time. His Father heart can’t help but reach out and embrace me. He knows my need for control and takes the time to remind me that He is in control so I don’t need to be. In a million little ways this week he has answered every fearful thought that has plagued me.

He does the same for you.

Whether you are struggling with fear or pain or loneliness or grief, He knows and He is reaching out to you in the same ways. Open your heart and your ears and your eyes so you can see Him.

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