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Living Chosen with Radonda Rowton

I was raised in the church. I have more pastors in my family than not. I understand calling and I know what it is like to try to do something other than what you were chosen to do and then realize that the only option for truly knowing peace and fulfillment is obedience. I’ve not always been excited about that fact. To be honest, when I was in my younger years, there were times that growing up in ministry, I felt like a trained seal balancing a ball on my nose. It was wash, rinse, repeat with a few disparaging comments from people who may not appreciate what God had chosen me to do. I don’t mean for that to sound harsh, but there have been times when knowing what you were called to do and dealing with the struggles of that calling made the struggle pretty real.

But thankfully, we grow, and we mature and as we get more life experience under our belt, we also see that the faithfulness of God is constant and gracious. Now, as an adult, I look back and realize that all those seasons of hardship didn’t destroy me, as I thought they might at the time. But what they did do was show me how the Creator of the Universe knew the number of every hair on my head and had no intention of forgetting my name while He also looked over others that He so lovingly had chosen as well. The greatest lesson that I have learned and never divert from when I am using my gifts and working within my calling is how much I need the Savior who chose me.

I am a mental health counselor. I hear normal everyday tales of people managing and overcoming the issues that life throws at them. I hear both the good and bad as well as the sad, heart-wrenching recollections of broken lives that are in need of healing and restoration. There is never a time when I am not cognizant of how much God is needed in the room. It’s not me that heals or restores, because I don’t have the answers. I can recommend and suggest, but I have no control over anyone but myself. It’s humbling when someone comes back to me and thanks me for the help that they have received because I realize that any healing that they have experienced, is not by my power, but it’s been that they have been willing to do the work and God has in turn shown up in their lives by HIS power. What I know is that in order for bonds to be broken in people’s lives, I can work as the catalyst, but God is the activator. Without the activator, the catalyst can try to speed those atoms up as much as they want, but there will be no change. I am humbled by that fact every time I step into the room and ask someone to trust me as I point them to the only Power that can change a life.

I have been asked what I do when I realize that someone isn’t ready to do the work that it takes to make their life better. I have learned that it’s my job to offer tools and give them support by walking with them on their journey, but it’s not my job to do the work for them no matter how much I want to help. I’ve learned that if I do my job and the person wants the change enough to follow the treatment plan, which means taking responsibility for their decisions, then they open up the door wide for God to step through and take all of the broken pieces of their life and make something beautiful like only He can do. I’m just so grateful to witness the miracle.


Radonda works as a counselor with Chesterfield Counseling Associates in Chesterfield, MO.

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