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5 Ways to Princess...and 5 Ways Not.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess...

We all love a good fairytale, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to be a fairytale princess? They get locked in towers. They lose their shoes. They have to kiss frogs and live with beasts. They are always getting the attention from all the evil witches and wicked step-mothers. Okay, none of that sounds amazing but in the end they get pretty dresses and parties and princes, right? Right!

We love fairytales because we relate to the girl, who's life isn't perfect, finding her way to a happy ending. We want our imperfect selves to find our happily-ever-afters. Guess what? Ball gowns and glass slippers may or may not be in your future but a happily-ever-after can be. After all, you, my dear one, are a princess. (I'm about to get cheesy so brace yourselves.) You are a daughter of Zion, of God, a King...ergo, you are a princess. (Told ya, cheesiness was coming but that doesn't make it untrue.) We don't have to dream about being in a fairytale, we can live like the princesses we are, right now, today.

I asked some of my #LiveChosen gals how to princess and here's what we came up with...

1.Do Value Yourself

You gotta know your worth, girls. You aren't an afterthought or forgotten. You are a daughter of the Most High. You are a princess and you are worth dying for. Live like it. Hold your head up high. Say positive things to and about yourself. I'm not talking about bragging because that crosses the line into evil step-sister territory. But see yourself the way the King sees you. He loves you. He cherishes you. He thinks your pretty. (Hint: The more time you spend with Him the easier it is to see yourself the way He sees you.)

Don't Be Vain.

Vanity is superficial and shallow. It's also prideful. We don't want to be that. Understand your value but don't over inflate it, making yourself out to be better than others.

2. Do Value Others

A real princess doesn't need to put other people down or treat them badly to make herself feel good or powerful. Because a real princess knows her worth (see #1) she can also see the value in those around her, even the wicked ones. She sees them with the same love her King does and so she treats them the way her King would. She is forgiving, and kind and gracious, even when they don't deserve it.

Don't Hold Grudges

A grudge is the difference between being the hero and the villain in a story. Don't let what someone did to you stop you from being who God wants you to be for that person and others. We all get hurt. Don't let your hurt bring you to hurt others.

3. Do Serve

Real princesses don't just sit around the palace all the time, lounging and eating bonbons. (What are bonbons anyway, does anyone know?) Real princesses role up their sleeves to help make their kingdom the best it can be for everyone. They help people. You can't really help people from up in your ivory tower. You have to get on their level, you have to see them and connect with them and discover their needs. When you see a need you try to meet it. You know you can't solve all the world's problems but you can show love by praying for someone, listening to their pain, giving them a smile and a hug, offering some encouragement, or meeting a practical need when you are able.

Don't Be Selfish

There is a difference between doing something for yourself and being selfish. Princesses aren't selfish. Again, that's the closely related wicked step-sisters. So, while you do need to do things for yourself, see #5, you need to be careful not to only think about yourself and your wants and needs. We have to consider how our choices affect others.

4. Do Pursue Your Passions

Every princess has unique gifts and talents and she doesn't let them go to waste. It doesn't matter how simple or how amazing, they're part of who you are and you want to share that with the world. Paint, write, sing, dance, build, organize, laugh, think...I'm running out of things to put here but you get the point. Do what you love, use those talents to encourage, help, bless others. When you do, you will be blessed too.

Don't Make Poor Choices

Okay, everyone makes a bad choices every now and again. We aren't perfect, even us princesses. But think about what you're doing. Don't put yourself in bad situations. Use wisdom. Don't just do what feels good, do what is good. It might be hard now but it will be so much better in the long run.

5. Do Pamper Yourself

Indulge in that candlelit bubble bath. Sleep a little late on your day off. Go to a movie with friends. You have to take time for yourself. You need rest, relaxation and refreshing in order to help others. Princesses understand they can't give what they don't have. So rest, have fun, enjoy your life, spend time with the King. Fill up so that you have something that can be poured out.

Don't Forget the Coffee

Do I really need to explain this one? Because coffee. A good latte can save a life. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but depending on how cranky you are without that morning pick-me-up I might be hitting the nail on the head.


So, that's how we Princess while we #LiveChosen, what about you?

How do you princess?

Let us know in the comments.


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