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  • Tabitha Caplinger

A Prayer For My Daughters

Dear Heavenly Father,

Sometimes I wonder why you entrusted me with these two wondrous girls. I feel like I fail them daily. My own selfishness lashes out and wounds their tender hearts. I am far from the picture of the mother I think they deserve. But I am grateful to be their mother. I am honored to have been given the gift of raising these two beautiful souls. Help me.

Help me to give them grace so they will understand and accept Your grace.

Help me to teach them strength and courage in a world that will try to tame their wild hearts, steal their joy and destroy their faith in You.

Help me to show them their beauty and value is found in You so that no person will ever be able to make them feel like less and they will never feel the need to compare themselves to others.

Help me to be an example of Your love to them and others so they will be women who love deeply, love well and love without fear.

Help me to speak with kindness to them, about them, in front of them, even when harsh words may seem more satisfying in the moment, so that they understand the power of our words.

Help me to say I'm sorry when I am wrong, to ask forgiveness and be humble so they won't be afraid to do those things and pride won't keep them from all You have for them.

Help me to love, honor and cherish their dad, and him me, so they will have a picture of a good marriage and will set standards for that same love in their own relationships.

Help me to teach them about You, and show them what it looks like to walk with You daily, through the good and bad, so that they will be able to walk with You all the days of their lives.

Help me to love each of them uniquely and unconditionally, because that is How You love us.

Help me to let go of the things only You can do and trust You with their lives even when I can't be with them.

There is so much more my heart longs to say but I can't find the words. But I think it can all be summed up in this final request...

Help my girls to encounter You in so many beautiful ways that they can't help but fall madly in love with You.


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