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  • Aubrey Stuart

I #LiveChosen- Aubrey

Was I chosen from the start?

Did He really know my heart?

Both can be answered with a nod.

An act of the one and only:


At 12 years old I was lost.

Little did I know I was soon to be found.

For with just the raise of a hand

I accepted Christ.

In that moment the World remained

Untamed and unashamed.

Children running to and fro.

But where He was I would later know.

I waited for a hand to touch my heart.

Waited for a tiny little spark.

The answer,

ever so faint,

came to me days later.

At the time I thought He'd become a traitor.

I hadn't verbally heard from Him,

nor had I noticed His bright light.

Until that night.

Youth events were so intimidating.

I sat in the back row


Listening as Worship played.

And then,

I prayed.

For a sign to come out of the dark.

Something to signal a new start.

It was then I realized,

I was Chosen.

This crazy lady on stage

said something about my purpose.

I was designed for such a time as this.

Surely it was just a hit and miss.

The sermon was not aimed at me,

Could it really be?

Then I felt a rush of relief

As if I finally had been granted peace.

Only lasting a moment

I knew that something had happened

Above all else,

I knew it was Him.

Here I am,

4 years after having my first encounter with God.

At the time I wasn't sure the whole idea was real.

Now, I can look back and think,

"What a steal."

To walk away without a scratch

And He,

Having held it all on His back.

For me.

For my mistakes I have yet to make.

You see,

He never promised an easy life.

He made sure to mention the strife.

But what we seem to forget

is His never ending love.

Sometimes I just need a shove

In the right direction

not aiming toward my own perfection,

but instead,


He is the only one unflawed.

Because of that I will always be in awe.

How do I live chosen?

I remember what He's done.

For me, for you, for us.

Bad days come and go.

Yeah, occasionally it's hard to know

how He is moving in our lives.

We must remember there was a price.

There is no "have to's"

There is no "you must's"

To get into the kingdom.

You and I,

Come from the same one up above.

But what Father shows more love?


Didn't you just love Aubrey's poem? My husband and I get to be her youth pastor's and are so proud of her. We are almost to the end of our #LiveChosen month but you can still enter the GIVEAWAY!!!

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