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I #LiveChosen- Andre

When you move around as much as I do, you meet a lot of different people. What I've found is that I love "real" people. I'm talking about people who are not afraid to be vocal about their imperfections, people who make the rest of us feel like we're not alone in our flaws. I love these people and I love connecting them to others. While having conversations about the needs of a ministry, there are so many instances when our contributors say, "I know a guy..." You could be one small connection away from the ability to achieve your dream; one connection can elevate you to the next level, whether that's scoring the next big account, reaching more people in your community, or something entirely different. My hope is to connect great people who desire to make a difference in this world. Life is better when you surround yourself with people who lift you up and I want to help connect those people.


Connect with Andre...


Thank you so much for listening in on our #LiveChosen discussions this month. Join in in the comments. And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!

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