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I #LiveChosen- Welcome

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

EEK!! I have been planning and prepping all of this for weeks and it's finally here...#LiveChosen month.

#LiveChosen is nothing new for me. I wrote a Facebook note all about how it became a thing. The gist is it is the marriage of my ministry and my writing. It's the why behind what I do. I want to help people find their purpose and to live for it on purpose. Not just because that sounds cool but because I truly believe it is only when we find our value in God, our identity in Him, that we will be fulfilled. Everything about you was created by a very strategic and intentional God and it all speaks to your purpose. But it starts with knowing who you are.

"Living chosen is not about what you do but who you are."



I hope that you will come back throughout the month to be encouraged by the other #LiveChosen stories that are coming (they are good) and that you will join the conversation by commenting, chatting on social media, and even entering the GIVEAWAY!!

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