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Letter to My Teenage Self.

Dear high school me,

We are pushing ever closer to 40 and while you may think that’s really old, trust me you will change your mind when you’re my age. You will also rock your thirties so don’t stress about getting older. Also don’t stress about acne…it’s not going anywhere so you have plenty of time to be bothered by it, not care and then be bothered by it again. Besides, a pimple won’t kill you.

While we are on the stress thing, don’t stress about boys. You have never been the boy crazy type but you’re still a girl and a little bit of a hopeless romantic (that won’t change) and so you want a boyfriend. It’s okay to want one. It’s even okay to have one. It’s not okay to change yourself or make poor choices to get or keep one. God has the right guy in mind for you. I can vouch for that. He’s a little annoying but mostly cool and handsome and sweet and caring and will be your biggest cheerleader. Keep waiting for Him and don’t get discouraged by loneliness. Instead focus on being alone and using your aloneness to grow and mature.

Don’t forget that you have a relationship with God that needs to grow too. Work on it and keep working on it even when its hard. And not just because you’re gonna be a pastor some day (try as you might to run from that some days) but because we need Jesus to be the center. Stuff is going to happen, not all of it good, that relationship with God is what’s going to get you through. Seriously, I know.

Be a good friend. That’s the first step to having good friends. We tend to lean on the loaner side because we are introverted and just like to be home (you're going to love Netflix) but you still need a tribe and there is a tribe out there that needs you. Be the type of friend you want to have and they will come. (You actually get a pretty awesome bestie by the way.)

Be a good daughter, sister and aunt too. I know at this stage you get snarky and they annoy you but they are also the people that will go to the mattresses for you every time. Don’t be too hard on them when you don’t get your way, be grateful for them instead.

A few little things to close up…

Don’t get that pixie cut. It’s cute for like a week and then you hate it and growing it out is going to be the exact opposite of fun.

Keep that flannel shirt and your pair of Birkenstocks. They come back in style and you’re going to miss them.

Smart phones are going to blow your mind but part of you is always going to be in love with your pink Motorola Razr.

Jumping in the pool at your AP english teacher’s dinner party is going to be one of your best high school memories. Don’t chicken out.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and go to new places. (Case in point we love tacos now.)

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Especially when you have kids. You’re a good mom even on the days you don’t feel like you are.

God has some big plans for you. Don’t let go of the dreams He is giving you right now. Even if you don’t understand how it is all going to work together it is. Trust me. I’m the one looking back and can see where He was protecting, leading, redeeming, teaching and guiding to get you to your best future.

You’re going to do just fine kiddo.


Your (future) self.

PS: You're cooler than you think you are. Or we just stop caring about being cool which is actually kind of cool. But you got a tattoo so there's that.

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