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It's here!!!!

After two years of imagining and typing and praying we are just a little over a month away from my official book release!!!

I feel like I should be acting more casual about all of this, like a cool hipster writer sipping espresso at a downtown cafe. But I'm in my pajamas in my living room still doing a happy dance. Part of me still can't believe my little story is acutally being published. (Thanks BookTrope and Vox Dei for believing in me and this book.)

The rest of me is giddy. Yes, giddy. No other word quite sums it up. The characters that came alive in my head and wouldn't let go until I put them into words are going to be ink on pages. And hopefully they will come alive to a world of readers who will love them as much as I do.

Today is the beginning because today I get to share with you a small peek at what is coming. Are you ready? Maybe you should sit down? Or stand? Its up to you, but here it is the official cover for book one of my trilogy....

Isn't it pretty? And awesome? (Huge shout out to Greg Simanson for being amazingly talented and using some of that talent to create this little masterpiece.)

Well, there you have it. Eek!!!

(While I continue to happy dance I want to add some gratitude for Martin Jones and Victoria Newfield, my editor and proofreader, for dealing with my complete and total lack of knowledge on using commas and adding shine to my story. And to Heather Huffman and Becki Brannen for all your work answering my emails and marketing and managing. You two are awesome. Really I have had the absolute best team working behind the scenes to make this thing a success. You're all awesome.)

Double EEK!!!

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