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More Than A Story

I wrote a book. And its being published by an actual publisher. I'm still very excited about this.

A few years ago I had this notion that I should write a book. I know a lot of people have that notion, there are a lot of books. Being a youth pastor I also had this idea that if a minister was going to write a book it had to be a devotional. I saw writing as much a part of my ministry as preaching or counseling and to me that equated to non-fiction Bible studies.

So when this story started forming in my mind I kind of dismissed it. But then it kept playing around up there and characters got names and faces and I couldn't dismiss them anymore. But it was fiction. Thats not what pastors write for ministry. I know I have no logical basis for that thought process but it is what I told myself, or rather what I let the enemy tell me.

But this story wouldn't go away, instead it grew. And finally I gave in and let fingers transfer it from my brain to my computer screen. These people that I had made up had lives and emotions and struggles and a story that needed to be told. Why? Because stories can speak to people. They can minister.

The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline is more than a story to me. I want people to pick it up and read it and feel something deep in their hearts speaking to them. Maybe they would never read a devotional but they will read this story and get a glimpse of the hope we have in Jesus. I want them to connect with a character, with his doubts or her grief or his anger or her fear. And I want them to see there is something greater than those things. I want them to see that just like Claire and Zoe, they are chosen, they are powerful, they are never alone. And that the hope they have needs to be shared with others, because everyone deserves to be saved.

Its less than a month until my little book is available for pre-order and just about 53 days until its official release, pray with me that whoever might find it and turn that first page would see Jesus in between its lines.

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