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I have the best bestie in the world. Part of the reason I know its true is because we have the best "how we became friends" story.

My hubby and I had just moved to Alabama to take a youth pastor position. We had been there like 2 weeks. We took the youth group roller skating. My current bestie was then one of the volunteer youth leaders. Reluctantly she donned a pair of rented roller skates and stepped onto the rink. She made it about half a lap before she fell on her butt. (I can laugh because we are friends and because I would have been on my butt beside her had I given in to the peer pressure too.) Anyway, turns out that little fall fractured both of her elbows. (In case you didn't know you can fracture an elbow.)

Well, our youth leader, soon to be my BFF, didn't have anyone local who could help her out while her arms were in double slings so she moved in with me and my husband for a few days. So after only spending a few hours together, now we were living together and I was helping her get dressed and go to the bathroom. Once you help another girl go pee the friendship is sealed ladies. That and our realization that we both are a little too obsessed with certain TV shows and are unapologetic about it. Turns out she and I loved the same show and the rest is best friend history.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I don't live in Alabama anymore. But she is still my best friend. We only get to see each other face to face maybe once a year but we would drop everything for each other. Currently our friendship survives on TV text dates once a week where we watch a show together while texting hilarious (did I mention we are hilarious?) commentary to one another. Distance has not, and will not, change the fact that she is someone I can count on.

We all need people like that in our lives. In fact we are built for relationships. First and foremost is a relationship with our Creator. He longs to be best friends with you. And His friendship is ever faithful.

We also need each other. We need people that will build us up. People that will lovingly kick us in the butt when we need it. (Sometimes we all need it.) We need people that will encourage and support us as we follow God's call, His dreams for our lives.

(I wanted to put an awesome scripture verse here but there are actually a ton of awesome verses about friendships so click here to check them out.)

I have found this week that I have a lot of awesome people in my life. I have been humbled and excited and grateful and overwhelmed by the love and support of the friends and family God has given me. (Talking about my squad! #TCO3SQUAD)

I have also had conversations with a couple of our students who have embarked on their college journey and in their new place and season making friends was a more daunting task then they had anticipated. Maybe it is for you too. A lot of us have people we call friend but they aren't the kind of friends we need. They aren't bad, but they aren't pushing us, encouraging us in that priority relationship with Jesus. While its totally ok to be their friend you still need an inner circle, a BFF or two that will be iron to your iron, keeping you sharp.

But how do we find those friends?

Going roller skating and waiting for someone to fall down is probably not the best method. But prayer always is. So pray. Ask God to show you or bring you those friends that will stick close and keep you moving forward. Who will kick you in the butt when you are slipping and will drop everything when you are in need. And be that kind of friend to people. And most importantly, consistently work on your friendhsip with Jesus. When we put Him first He has a way of making sure we have everything else we need, including a rockstar best friend.

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