A Faded Rose

There was one instance when my mother was asked to share at a ladies event. It wasn't long after her mother, my grandmother, had passed away and she took the opportunity to share about the legacy my grandmother had left to her and therefore to me and my sisters and even my daughters. Recently my mom sent me the notes from that event and they meant so much I wanted to share them here. The things I want to share I hope will help you as a mother and as a daughter. My mama was a prayer warrior! She believed in prayer and often got lost in His Presence while she was praying. I learned about Jesus by watching my mama! She left me a legacy worth more than gold. She taught me that when you don't th

Cracks in the Dam

My 2019 word of the year has been Breakthrough. I talked all about it back in January and just read through that post again this morning. It was a little invigorating remembering all that God had been speaking to me in those cold winter months. What I didn't share in that post was something God had spoken to me during a prayer time a few months earlier. It was something I was keeping close to my heart, a secret between me and Jesus. It wasn't until the last couple of weeks that I have felt open to talk about it outside my tight inner circle. It had been a rough few months for me leading up to that prayer time. Writing is hard. Getting published is hard. Selling books is hard. This thing that

Heart of the Curiosity Blog Tour

EEK!! I'm so stoked to welcome H.L. Burke to the blog today in celebration of her new release, Heart of the Curiosity! Scroll down to find out how discovering your purpose plays into this epic story as well as her own life. “Because a person’s knack says something about them. Muse's means she's graceful and lighthearted. Yours means your dependable and smart. Emilia's means she's shrewd and perceptive. Reid ... well, he really likes books. Mine is only good for tricking and manipulating people, for making them do or think things they wouldn’t have otherwise.” Shame flared within her, warming her cheeks. “How can a person with that sort of knack be good enough for anyone, let alone you?” In t

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