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The Castle Rose

Hi! (Imagine me, waving emphatically.)


Thanks for checking out my tiny little corner of the internet. You can find out more about me, my thoughts on a variety of topics like writing, tv shows, mentoring young adults, Jesus, and info on #LiveChosen all by clicking around. It would make my day for you to follow me on social media so I can get to know you too!


PS: I wrote some fantasy books you might like, and I'm working on some new projects you can keep check on too. 

The Wolf Queen


Buy TCO3 Bloodline 

What Others Are Saying...

Caplinger creates a gripping and intense story in her upcoming novel, The Wayward. As we follow Wilder through her loss and grief, beautiful depictions of perseverance, faith and true love are portrayed through elegant prose. It is through this riveting story we learn how valuable the strength of one's heart and soul can truly be.

- V. Romas Burton, award-winning author of the Heartmender Series


Prepare yourself for a heartfelt story about healing, forgiveness, and impossible hope. The Wayward isn't your typical post-apocalyptic tale of survival. It's a love story—one that isn't simply told, but experienced. Have tissues nearby and cancel plans for the day because once you begin reading, you won't want to stop!”

-Laura L. Zimmerman, author of the Banshee Song Series

This is Caplinger's finest book yet.  Wayward is a beautifully crafted tale woven with threads of grief, hope, and adventure.  With a plucky heroine, delicious twist, and a worthy opponent that made my skin crawl, Wayward hits all the right notes.  Readers of dystopian and scifi alike will devour this book.

-A.J. Skelly, bestselling author of The Wolves of Rock Falls Series.

"A beautifully woven tale of good versus evil, light versus dark, that is sure to appeal to fans of Warrior of the Wild and Sky in the Deep. Through Ylva, Caplinger has created a female protagonist that strikes a noteworthy balance between relatable vulnerabilities and unapologetic fierceness. This book will keep fans of sweet romance, formidable foes, and rich epic fantasy world building up late past their bedtimes!"

-Julie Hall, Bestselling Author of the award winning Life After series.

The Wolf Queen is a truly captivating story that takes the reader on a heart-battle of light and darkness. By the end, I could hardly breathe! It builds to a finale that delivers on every level. Prepare to gasp, swoon, and wield a battle-axe. This was a layered quest with a dash of viking and an unforgettable test of faith.

- Nadine Brandes, award-winning author of ROMANOV and the Out of Time Series

"Absolutely stunning read! Tabitha Caplinger has a talent for bringing light into the darkness, and this is, by far, one of the best Christian books I've ever read. I liken this book to those of Frank Peretti. It really reminded me of his style, so if you like books along those lines, you'll love this Christian fantasy novel!!" 

- Emerald Barnes, author of The Knight's Academy Series

TCO3 is just beautiful and creepy, and there is something that sets it apart from other books. 

-Megan, Under the Book Cover Blog

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