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Thanks for checking out my tiny little corner of the internet. You can find out more about me, my thoughts on a variety of topics like writing, tv shows, mentoring students, Jesus, and info on #LiveChosen all by clicking around. And it would make my day for you to leave your own comments here or on social media so I can get to know you too!


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What Others Are Saying...

It's just beautiful and creepy, and there is something that sets it apart from other books.



Under the Book Cover Blog

Reading The Chronicle of the Three: Book One was an amazing adventure. I am not even a reader of novels. However each chapter left me wanting more!! I am eagerly awaiting Book Two. Tabitha is also an incredible speaker. She includes memorable quotes and facts as well as humor which help to make her points more impactful. She has a unique way of connecting to her audience whether it is through her speaking or writing. She is a joy to listen to and read.

Allison Newfield

Co-Author of Jailbreak

Tabitha is a phenomenal speaker! She spoke at our retreat for Middle School aged girls and she held nothing back. She presents the Gospel in a clear and to the point way. She doesn't sugar coat anything and makes no apologies for any part of the Gospel that may be blunt and to the point as well. She is a straight shooter who loves God and this upcoming generation with a passion that is evident in her preaching.

Alicia Tingen

Potomac Girls Ministries Director

[The Chronicle of the Three:Bloodline is an] Absolutely stunning read! Tabitha Caplinger has a talent for bringing light into the darkness, and this is, by far, one of the best Christian books I've ever read. I liken this book to those of Frank Peretti. It really reminded me of his style, so if you like books along those lines, you'll love this Christian fantasy novel!!  It's a stark reminder that we're all fighting a spiritual battle and that God will never leave us. We always have hope, and with God, we can win. We have the tools to win the war, even when it looks hopeless.

Emerald Barnes

Author of The Marked & Entertaining Angels

We held an event for Teen Read Week and had an author visit with Tabitha via Google Hangouts as the icing on the cake (or should I say “pie”)!  She graciously sent copies of The Chronicle of the Three:  Bloodline with signed bookmarks and pins for raffle prizes.  During the  chat she gave us a glimpse into her inspiration, the writing and publishing process, a Q&A, and even read an excerpt from both Bloodline and a sneak peak at Armor Bearer!  The students were beyond excited and felt special having their specific questions answered.  We are looking forward to having another visit with Tabitha after the release of book 2!

Stephanie O'Brokta

Librarian, LHS, Bealeton, VA

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