December 19, 2018

Is gifting even a word? Did I make that up? I don't know, it doesn't matter. What matters is it means giving gifts. In Eden Sword we find out that one of Claire's super powers is giving amazing gifts. 

I have to admit, I'm not quite as good at gifting as Claire but I do love giving good gifts to those I love. (It's one of my top two love languages so that could be part of it.) Birthdays, Holidays, just because...I love it when...

October 24, 2017

We have all heard the line, "think before you speak." While, social media might be typing and not speaking I think the same wisdom should be applied, especially in such emotionally intense and divisive times. 

I've written about this before. I said things like...

 "We are very good at hiding behind keyboards to debate politics in the name of Christianity but at the cost of the Gospel."


"I have a love/hate relationship...

July 31, 2017

As a youth pastor, students who spend any amount of time with me will inevitably hear me say that I believe self-assessment is a spiritual discipline. It becomes far too easy to become complacent in our own relationships with Jesus. We go to church, read our Bibles, find a routine, get stuck in a rut and don't realize that while we think we are good we really aren't. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about sin, about being b...

October 17, 2016

Make Jesus happy.

If I had a life motto that would probably be it. That is what I want to do more than anything. I am sure I fall short of it a million times a day. I am sure there are a lot of times where God is shaking His head at me and my pitiful attempts. I am sure He gets a little disappointed when I fail by screaming at my kids in frustration or worrying more about those two hours of TV time than I am about the ten minut...

September 27, 2016

I feel like given the timing of this post, especially coming the day after the presidential debate, that I should be talking about politics and patriotism or some such thing. That I should share my opinion on National Anthem protests and police shootings. I'm not going to. Don't get me wrong, I have opinions, big ones, sassy ones. But at the end of the day my opinions won't change anything...grace will. 

I'm not talking about k...

August 26, 2016

Actually I don't really know how to make friends. Like, I don't know the five or ten or twelve steps a person should take to locate a potential friend and get them to be your friend. Really I don't think there are specific steps involved at all. The process is either much simpler or much more complex than that. 

What I do know is...

1. We all need friends. We are built for human interaction and relationship. We need people in ou...

July 6, 2016

Okay, so maybe it's just about coffee. After all, I don't know if a lot of words would make it onto a page without that wondrous nectar that is my sanity. But there is more to writing than coffee. 

There's also pajamas. I don't know that I have ever written while dressed in something other than comfy PJs or sweats. Could I? I mean, I'm sure that it's possible to get dressed and slap on some makeup and then sit down to write but...

June 20, 2016

I am not a reader. I don't do much of the reading of the books. I like more of the watching of the movies and the television. And, yes I get that I write books that I want people to read so the fact I don't read a lot is kind of weird and maybe a little hypocritical. I am working on it. 

It's actually one of my "year on purpose" goals, to read more fiction. (I say fiction here because I actually tend to read a lot of...

May 20, 2016



My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in April. In some ways it feels so weird because it seems like just yesterday that we were saying I do and yet it also seems like we have already been together a lifetime. And I mean that in a good way. It's hard to remember what my life was like before him.


We love each other more today then we did back then. We understand each other, and marriage, more today the...

April 15, 2016

I am far from a perfect parent. (Thus the title of this little post.) I am sure there are things I do well. The days when I am full of grace and patience feel drowned by the days that I am the monster roaring 'don't make a mess'. So, maybe I am just too hard on myself and maybe I am the last person who should be writing advice on parenting. But in the spirit of living this year on purpose I have been taking a lot of time to as...

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