New Year, New Word

2016 was my year on PURPOSE. 2017 was my year of PROMISE. 2018 was my year of PASSION. (Don't you love the alliteration there? I do. It makes me happy and to be honest I wasn't even trying for it but that's how much Jesus gets me.) I didn't plan on having a word of the year for 2019, Really I didn't. Those previous three years and three words neatly tied up a season of my life, and using them as points of focus made sense. So as 2018 came to a close I didn't give thought to coming up with a new word. I was going to keep trucking along with these three, they felt like enough. But God has this way of showing up, and shaking us up, and, in this particular case, waking us (well, me) up. Literal

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