New Year's Eve In Torch Creek

In just a few hours, 2018 will end and 2019 will begin. Whether you go out with friends, countdown in front of New Year's Rockin' Eve in your own living room, or go to bed early, the new year will come at the stroke of midnight. Are you ready for what it holds? In The Chronicle of the Three: Eden Sword (the final installment in the trilogy) Zoe is struggling to celebrate as her destiny weighs on her. Thankfully, she's got Daniel with her. Below is an excerpt from New Year's Eve in Torch Creek. “Cute,” Anna said, reaching toward the dangling charm and mouthing it’s inscription as she read it. She looked at Zoe with an open mouth, seeming like she about to comment or question further, when th


Is gifting even a word? Did I make that up? I don't know, it doesn't matter. What matters is it means giving gifts. In Eden Sword we find out that one of Claire's super powers is giving amazing gifts. I have to admit, I'm not quite as good at gifting as Claire but I do love giving good gifts to those I love. (It's one of my top two love languages so that could be part of it.) Birthdays, Holidays, just because...I love it when I find the perfect gift for someone. You know the one...the one that they didn't think you knew they wanted or that even they didn't know they wanted until they opened it and realized it is exactly what they wanted. Gifting, especially at Christmas can be more frustrati

Slaying the Holiday Blues

While for many of us the Holiday season is filled with joy and family, for a lot of people it adds up to be a blue Christmas. (I'm sure Zoe, Claire, Maggie, and the gang can attest to spending holidays feeling way less than jolly.) You don't have to be a demon slayer to have some dark shadows that haunt you and keep you in the dark when the rest of the world seems so full of light. But you don't have to let the darkness win. You are stronger, remember? While I can't promise the shadows will be completely vanquished as easily in our minds and hearts as the one's Claire lays waste to with the sword, I do think there are things we can do to lift our heads and find some peace and joy this Christ

Holiday Apple Blueberry Pie

"Everybody loves pie." Zoe makes this assertion in The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline and I 100% believe it to be true. How? Not everyone can love pie? It's impossible, you say. Well, think about it. There are so many different varieties of pie...fruit pies, cream pies, even meat pies. You can even have Derby pie (my personal favorite) which is basically a gooey chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust. So I think if everyone tries hard enough they would find a variety of pie that they love. Ergo, everybody loves pie. While, anytime is a good time for pie, the holidays are extra good. We couldn't have a 12 Days of TCO3 Christmas without talking about pie. Maggie thought it would be the perfec

Lucas's First Christmas...Sort Of

EEK! Here's an early Christmas gift from me to you, a TCO3 Trilogy bonus short. I hope you enjoy it! The last couple of weeks, Maggie had been more over-the-top than normal and Lucas found it a bit exhausting. He couldn’t take much more holiday cheer or he might crack and go back to his villainous ways. “You’re being a Grinch,” Maggie had told him. “Well, I get where the guy was coming from,” he replied. “Whoville had it coming.” Maggie did not find that amusing and proceeded to make him watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas while she gave commentary on what he could learn from Cindy Lou like it was a lecture on holiday ethics. “Now get in the Christmas Spirit you Scrooge or I’m telling Santa

12 Days of TCO3 Christmas!

Let me begin by bursting your bubble just a little and tell you that I'm not Ellen or Oprah so these 12 days aren't coming with daily prizes. (Sorry, I hated to do that.) They do come with the gift of connection, sass, fun and a good dose of Maggie's holiday spirit (which sounds like a lollipop flavor...I'll get on that). There may also be a little surprise in the works for my readers on one of the days. (Keep an eye out on DAY 2, December 14th. *wink* ) Now that's out of the way we can focus on the fun festivities because... It totally makes sense to share the TCO3 goodness this season because The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy is the perfect Christmas read. Why? I'll tell you. 1. If you re

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

My sweet Mama sent me this post. It is from a Sunday School Lesson she taught and I love the message. Often we have moments in life where we have tried all we know and it isn't working, or we simply don't know what to do to get out of the dark tunnel and back into the light. When we don't know what to do, we aren't alone. God knows! One of the most difficult, and yet most powerful lessons we can learn in our life's journey is that God will make a way for us through our pain and trials if we call on Him for help. You may be clueless about what to do, but God knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Sometimes we feel "stuck" between our disappointing circumstances and our hopes and dreams.

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