Welcome to Knight's Academy

Vampires, and werewolves, and high school! OH MY!! You'll find all of the above in The Knight's Academy series by Emerald Barnes. I've written about it before (cuz I love this series) and I am writing about it again because a third book is coming soon!! EEK!!! (Yours truly may have gotten a sneak peek at the manuscript and it is awesome!) The Marked and The Hunted are all about a girl, Myka, who ends up at this private school with some dark secrets...the school not Myka...well, Myka has some secrets too, so secret she doesn't even know about them...but she's about to find out. (Have I said EEK yet? CUZ EEK!!) Along the way there are new friends, reunions, a dastardly villain or two (We hate

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