Maggies Gives Away More Lollipops!

Hi! This is Maggie again!!! So, I took over Tab's blog a couple weeks ago so we could all have a positive moment to release the stress and anxiety brought on by watching Avengers Infinity Wars. Since I firmly believe lollipops make life better and at the request of Tab's daughter I am taking over again. This time of year is always a little sad for Tab. If you weren't aware (and honestly I'm not sure how you could not be aware) she loves TV. Like, really really loves it. She gets super invested in her fave shows and the made up lives of her fave fictional characters. Well, it's that time where summer is here and so are season finales. This is the biggest show hole moment of the year and it ca

I have a new project!

Hi! I have a new project!! (This post's title may have given that away already but I'm excited about this so...EEK!) I am also participating in the release celebrations and blog hop for Janeen Ippolito's book, Irresistible World Building which is all about helping you, my fellow writer friends, weave your world-building into all aspects of your story. (Seriously, right now, in this very post we are part of a blog hop. You, friend, are blog hopping. LOL) So, as part of a conversation about world-building and with the final installment of #TCO3Trilogy having just released what better time to introduce you to The Wayward. (This is a working title but I really like it. Also you may have gotten

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