Wakanda & Biblical Womanhood

My family loves a good super hero movie. We rarely miss one in the theatre. Black Panther was no exception. In part we saw it because we see all the Marvel films and this looked good, it looked like it would be entertaining. (It was by the way.) It was more than that though, it was important. We are not black. (Obviously you've seen my photo, you know this.) But it was important for my two white daughters to see a black hero. I won't say it was as important for them as it was for the black men, women and children who sat beside and around us in the theatre. Perhaps it was close, real close, because my hope is as they see and love Black Panther no differently than Captain America or Thor (and

End It!

A little over two years ago I had the chance to go to India and spend time with children who were born out of the brothels. We also walked s

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