A Year of Passion

*No, I will not be writing romance novels this year. Sorry if that disappoints. LOL. I'm not talking about that kind of passion.* In 2016 I jumped on the word-for-the-year bandwagon. I had seen others do this each January for years. I had always been impressed and inspired by their "words" but had never really thought to find my own. I don't know why. Maybe it seemed daunting to try and define a whole year by one word. Maybe it felt limiting. Maybe I was just too lazy. I can't even say I spent focused energy on coming up with that first word for 2016. (That's ironic considering the word was purpose and the whole year was about being more intentional.) Sometime in December 2015 I was doing my

The Beginning of the TCO3 End.

Wow! That title sounds really ominous. LOL. This is meant to be a fun post. This is the "I get to tell you the title and show you the cover of the final installment in The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy" post. And people, it's soooooo pretty. Like double EEK and happy dancing pretty! Dance with me!!! (Sorry for all the exclamation points but I'm that excited, y'all.) Are you done dancing yet? If not just pause for a second so that you can take in all the awesomeness that is this cover. Ready? Really ready? Okay...here it is...just scroll down...slowly so you don't miss any of the awesome...slowly... Isn't it gorgeous? I think it might be my favorite of the three. (Shhh, don't tell the other

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