5 Ways to Princess...and 5 Ways Not.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess... We all love a good fairytale, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to be a fairytale princess? They get locked in towers. They lose their shoes. They have to kiss frogs and live with beasts. They are always getting the attention from all the evil witches and wicked step-mothers. Okay, none of that sounds amazing but in the end they get pretty dresses and parties and princes, right? Right! We love fairytales because we relate to the girl, who's life isn't perfect, finding her way to a happy ending. We want our imperfect selves to find our happily-ever-afters. Guess what? Ball gowns and glass slippers may or may not be in your future but a happily

Surviving The Holidays: Family Edition

Disclaimer: This is mostly about me trying to be funny. I wrote a whole other serious post about loving your family. So, it's okay to laugh at this while hopefully learning valuable holiday-saving skills. Hide a slice of pie. Trust me. You're gonna want a second slice and there won't be one because uncle Bob will have gotten to it first and he won't have asked if anyone else wanted to split it with him or anything and you'll get mad and feel like no one ever thinks about your wants and it'll cause a fight even if just in your own head. So hide a slice of pie for later. Say grace but don't talk about religion or politics unless you know everyone agrees on everything already. These are tense t

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