I #LiveChosen- Sammy Jo

No one thinks it's going to happen to them. It's the optimism principle. We watch as all these horrible things happen to those around us but never think the shoe will be on the other foot…until it is. My mom flew in to meet me at the hospital, that's why I knew it was serious. I remember the nurse grabbing me to ensure that I wouldn’t fall as they watched my heart monitor skyrocket when I stood up. Standing. It was something so simple you never thought it would be hard, babies even do it. Why, after 24 years of life was that changing? I cried alone in my bed that night after my mom turned the lights off. I had spent hours dizzyingly googling all the things I could find about this thing calle

I #LiveChosen- Aubrey

Was I chosen from the start? Did He really know my heart? Both can be answered with a nod. An act of the one and only: God. At 12 years old I was lost. Little did I know I was soon to be found. For with just the raise of a hand I accepted Christ. In that moment the World remained Untamed and unashamed. Children running to and fro. But where He was I would later know. I waited for a hand to touch my heart. Waited for a tiny little spark. The answer, ever so faint, came to me days later. At the time I thought He'd become a traitor. I hadn't verbally heard from Him, nor had I noticed His bright light. Until that night. Youth events were so intimidating. I sat in the back row Alone Listening as

I #LiveChosen- Sarah

Five years ago I told God I would do anything for His name. Of course, my definition of anything was slightly different from what He has called me to do. When I said anything, I meant the shallow end of the water. I wanted my feet safely and firmly touching the bottom. However, God called me into the deep waters of a calling I often do not feel ready for in the first place. Five years ago, I told God He could have me but I made the mistake of giving Him conditions to that calling. "Lord," I called out to Him. "Use me to reach the lost, the hurt and the broken. I will go where You call, but Lord, please don't make me talk in front of others." I can almost see God leaning over, smiling as I ga

I #LiveChosen- Kelly

Kelly is a booktuber, aspiring author and lover of Jesus. You may follow her at: instagram: @kellysbookspill Twitter: @kellysbookspill Snapchat: kaybee0703 Facebook: facebook.com/kellysbookspill Thanks for watching Kelly's #LiveChosen story. I hope through this month you have been inspired to discover and live for your purpose on purpose. We still have a week left so stay tuned and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! #LiveChosen #purpose #faith

I #LiveChosen- Joy

“You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48 Being the perfectionist that I am, this verse stressed me out when I read it for the first time. I have always put a lot of pressure on myself to keep my act together and do the right thing, so imagine the spike in my heart rate when I read Jesus Himself commanding me to be perfect! I am painfully aware of my inability to be perfect no matter how disciplined I am or how hard I try. If only God's standard of perfection was measured by my performance in comparison to that coworker who curses or that friend that compulsively shops online; I’d be doing alright. But God is perfectly holy and He simply cannot tolerat

I #LiveChosen- Kandi

Live chosen. What does it mean? I’ve been asking myself that ever since I signed up to do this blog post. How hard could it be to write about daily life? Then I sat down to write and nothing came. How could I explain it? Would I come across as hypocritical? Then today happened. Monday morning just before six o’clock, I’m ready to hop in the shower to start the week as a teacher. I’ve had a wonderful weekend with family and a conference. A loud CRACK shatters the stillness, followed by the twisting of metal, and a dump truck emptying its load of rock. I rush to a window and look out. I can’t see much, but the electric pole across the street is at an odd angle. An RV a block down turns on its

I #LiveChosen - Zoe

*Disclaimer: Zoe is a fictional character from The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy. She is not real. But, I believe, there is still some truth to her struggles, while fictional, that could give us insight and encouragement in our own. You may proceed. Some days I don’t want to be chosen anymore. It has cost me a lot. It’s painful and exhausting. I’m tired. I know this probably isn’t what you were expecting, or wanting when you clicked on this. I should give you some inspiring words. I should tell you how awesome it is to be chosen for a purpose. It was, at first. That’s how things work some times though isn’t it? When you first start out you are full of passion and excitement and hope. You h

I #LiveChosen- Andre

When you move around as much as I do, you meet a lot of different people. What I've found is that I love "real" people. I'm talking about people who are not afraid to be vocal about their imperfections, people who make the rest of us feel like we're not alone in our flaws. I love these people and I love connecting them to others. While having conversations about the needs of a ministry, there are so many instances when our contributors say, "I know a guy..." You could be one small connection away from the ability to achieve your dream; one connection can elevate you to the next level, whether that's scoring the next big account, reaching more people in your community, or something entirely d

I #LiveChosen- Etta

Let me start off by saying how far out of my comfort zone it is to even write this post. But I’m doing it because I hope my #LiveChosen moment will help someone else. My husband Gary and I have been married for 57 years. Gary and I have been in the ministry for over 40 years and have pastored several churches and traveled as evangelists during that time. We were priviledged to be able to travel thru England and Scotland where Gary had a chance to minister and we could share the plan of salvation with so many. We watched our children grow up being a part of this ministry we had chosen which was both wonderful and trying at times. Speaking of children, I have four daughters and 3 sons-in-law,

I #LiveChosen- Claire

*Disclaimer: Claire is a fictional character from The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy. She is not real. But, I believe, there is still some truth to her struggles, while fictional, that could give us insight and encouragement in our own. You may proceed. Imagine waking up on your fifteenth birthday, so early the sun hasn’t even begun to make it’s daily debut, and there is a demon hovering over your bed. Yeah, I freaked out too. The thing is I knew about demons, about the reality of a darkness that wants to destroy us. I grew up in a home of demon slayers, descendants who fought these shadows. I just never thought that life would ever really be for me…and then it was. That day a demon woke me

I #LiveChosen- Laura

Laura A. Grace loves to read with a passion. Her personal goal: to read all the books as well as write a few of her own (maybe even a hundred!). She’s a firm believer in spreading hope, and book blogging makes a perfect outlet. More than once her husband has caught her staying up late to support and get to know Christian indie authors online. You can find her in her North Carolina home, attempting to capture her characters and force them onto paper—or trying to read just one more chapter before going to sleep. Connect with Laura... - Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube Thanks for watching Laura's story of what it means to #LiveChosen. Stay tuned for more #LiveChosen voices throughout the

I #LiveChosen- Ralene

When I was born, I had a tumor in my neck—a tumor the size of a man’s fist in a newborn baby’s neck. Of course, the doctors said I would die if the tumor wasn’t removed, but even with the surgery my chance of survival was only 50%. Once the surgery was over (and I was still alive), these same experts were so convinced that I would be so physically and/or mentally handicapped that they tried to get my parents to put me in a state home that could better care for me. Today, unless I tell you about my minor physical handicaps, you probably wouldn’t notice them. I’m a fully walking, talking, creative being who is alive and pursing her passions. Statistics say I should have died. And, if I did sur

I #LiveChosen- Lauren

Lauren Earls serves Faith Community alongside her husband, lead pastor Josh Earls. She is an awesome woman of God who is passionate about helping people move from where they are to where God wants them to be. Aside from coordinating dream teams, directing small groups and discipling women, Lauren has a heart for missions projects around the world. She is also super fun! I am honored to work beside her and call her friend. (She is also a rockstar mom to 5 year old Carson.) Connect with Lauren... Facebook Twitter Instagram Thanks for watching Lauren's story of what it means to #LIveChosen. There is more to come so stay tuned and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!! #LiveChosen #purpose #faith

I #LiveChosen- Laurie

I gave some thought to the idea of vocation back in high school and college, but it never quite seemed to fit with my life. I was drawn to a few areas of study and had a knack for certain subjects, but nothing ever felt like a true calling. Eventually, I concluded that vocations were for people like doctors, nurses, clergy, and missionaries. Since none of those fields interested me, I just needed to find a career. A job. I went on to law school and worked as an attorney for several years. I enjoyed my co-workers, and the analytical, wordsmithing nature of the work suited the way I think. But I never attached any real importance to it—my career was merely the means to a paycheck. When my firs

I #LiveChosen- Emerald

It was no accident that I met Tabitha when I did. It was no accident that my book and hers could have been siblings. It was no accident that her hashtag so closely resembled what I wanted to do with my life and my own books. It was no accident… I’ve told my testimony a few times. For those who haven’t heard it, my life changed drastically in my early twenties. See, I’ve always been a bit pudgy. Okay, more than pudgy. I was probably the biggest girl in my class for the entirety that I was in school. I was fat. That’s what I was called. That was what I called myself. And as I grew older, those derogatory words somehow made their way down into my soul and became part of my identity. My truth at

I #LiveChosen- Victoria

I am so lucky to get to call this demon slayer a friend. I love her heaps! And I love her story of living chosen. “Its better to make a mistake and be real with people than it is to look perfect and be a complete fake.” Check out her story! It means so much to me that you're here! There are more #LiveChosen stories to come so check back. And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!! #LiveChosen #purpose #faith

I #LiveChosen- Kara

What does being Chosen mean for me? There are three moments in my life that stand out for me as I consider this question. Three key times when I felt wholeheartedly Chosen for something different. The first time was when I was child. My dad took me to see Star Wars and it resonated with me, made me see movies and storytelling in a whole new way. I don’t remember anything detailed from that experience but I had stars in my eyes leaving that movie and have not forgotten that feeling. The second time was when I was 17 years old. I had just learned that being a Christian was not about religion but about a personal walk/relationship with God. I had known God and had attended church all my li

I #LiveChosen- Welcome

EEK!! I have been planning and prepping all of this for weeks and it's finally here...#LiveChosen month. #LiveChosen is nothing new for me. I wrote a Facebook note all about how it became a thing. The gist is it is the marriage of my ministry and my writing. It's the why behind what I do. I want to help people find their purpose and to live for it on purpose. Not just because that sounds cool but because I truly believe it is only when we find our value in God, our identity in Him, that we will be fulfilled. Everything about you was created by a very strategic and intentional God and it all speaks to your purpose. But it starts with knowing who you are. "Living chosen is not about what you d

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