The Social Media Monster

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Given the title you might think that I think it’s all bad but I don’t. I don’t think social media is a bad thing. It’s just a thing, it’s not good or bad, how you use it determines that. Really there is a lot of good that comes through all the various available social platforms. It can be fun and easy to connect with old friends or family over a long distance. It can be useful for connecting with new people who you’d never get the chance to meet otherwise. (I’m talking to you LifeisaBookBlog and aliterarypotion . I’m still planning on us having tea together whenever I make it over the pond.) Meme wars entertain me immensely and those “My He

The Marked

I'm so excited to welcome Emerald Barnes back to my blog. Thanks, Tab, for having me on the blog again! I always love being here. I love what you do with your books and blog, because of how much you love helping others. So, that brings me to this. When Tabitha asked me if I could tie in my new novel, The Marked, with her #LiveChosen movement, I told her I could come up with something. Honestly, that was more difficult than I anticipated. My new novel is about vampires and werewolves, how could I tie in a non-Christian YA book with something that was so easy to do with my Entertaining Angels series? It wasn’t easy, but being the author I am—I realized that my novel goes a little deeper than I

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