I've Been Gilmored!

I've been GIlmored! I have the tightness in the chest, the anger mixed with paralyzing weakness...that last part could be because of the junk food I ate while binge watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life... but my point is I am not okay with how this ended. I have given a lot of time to the Gilmores. I love them. I consider myself an honorary Gilmore. I drink too much coffee, rarely eat anything healthy, and binge watch like a pro so you can see my connection to this witty duo. It began when the show originally aired, before DVR and Netflix so I had to even watch the commercials. (Actually, DVR had been invented but I didn't have it yet.) I never missed an episode. If you doubt my love f

A Very TCO3 Thanksgiving!

So, I wanted to write a delightful post about holidays and family traditions with cute anecdotes or helpful tips. I can't think of any. I mean none. The best I have is a cry for help because my giant wolf dog (actually husky mix but wolf dog sounds cooler) is suddenly in to shredding paper wrapping and pulling things out of boxes. You get how this could be problematic this time of year right? I've never had to worry about this sort of thing with him before, but apparently he thinks his job has become package inspector. I'm sure he's just worried for our safety. But back to the topic at hand, the holidays. Can we talk fictional holidays? Pretty please? I'm in a writing mode, trying to get the

Being Jesus.

As I write this I am sitting in the surgical waiting area of a local hospital. My husband is having a kidney stone removed. (I call it the demonic kidney stone that has ruined our lives, aka Steve.) That last little parentheses is me being dramatic. Obviously it's not demonic and it hasn’t ruined our lives, it's just felt that way. My husband and I both agree that birthing a third child would take less doctor and hospital visits than getting rid of, and I quote the ER doctor, this “rather large” kidney stone. But I’m really not trying to write about our misadventures with Steve the kidney stone. I find myself sitting here though, watching and listening. (I’m not eavesdropping but it's hard

The Great Cover Reveal of 2016!!

It's here! It's finally here!! Well, it's one step closer to being here. My second book that is. We had to take some detours along the way but the closer we get the more I know they were worth it, those turns in the journey have made this moment all the sweeter. I won't keep gushing. Instead I will get to the matter at hand and that is getting to reveal to you the cover for book two in the The Chronicle of the Three trilogy...insert drum roll here... Isn't it pretty? But what is it about you say? Where is the story heading in this second book you ask? Well, there's still angels and demons and Zoe and Claire and our little band of heroes fighting to keep back the darkness. And the Destroyer i

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