Grace is a Person

I feel like given the timing of this post, especially coming the day after the presidential debate, that I should be talking about politics and patriotism or some such thing. That I should share my opinion on National Anthem protests and police shootings. I'm not going to. Don't get me wrong, I have opinions, big ones, sassy ones. But at the end of the day my opinions won't change anything...grace will. I'm not talking about kindness or patience with each other, though those would be welcome, I am talking about the unmerited favor, the undeserved forgiveness and mercy of God. All of the broken pieces of our world can be summed up in a need for God. The contempt and division and hate and fear

#TCO3 Soundtrack

Music has been a huge part of keeping my inner muse going on The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy. Certain songs have consistently been playing while writing from the time I started Bloodline all the way through the final book which I am writing right now. (Plus a couple that my squad added.) I thought it was time to share those pieces of musical inspiration with you. (And offer a huge shout out to all the artists who's creativity has inspired mine, you rock socks!!) So let's get on to the music! (Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the videos linked to these songs, I just linked them. And watched/listened to them. That is all. Proceed.) Demons-Imagine Dragons Don’t Stop Believing- Journey R

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