How To Make Friends

Actually I don't really know how to make friends. Like, I don't know the five or ten or twelve steps a person should take to locate a potential friend and get them to be your friend. Really I don't think there are specific steps involved at all. The process is either much simpler or much more complex than that. What I do know is... 1. We all need friends. We are built for human interaction and relationship. We need people in our lives who see us, love us, accept us, encourage us, motivate us, challenge us, and support us. If they also obsess about the same TV shows and chocolate with us its a bonus. (That's a shout out to you my bestie. You know who you are.) We are not meant to do life alon

New YA Dystopian Idea

The world has never truly been at peace. War has always been somewhere in the backdrop, rearing its ugly head to remind us that life is fragile. But it was never like this. Even in the midst of turmoil there was a thread of hope, a common interest in helping others, a desire for the greater good. We wanted to be at peace, to be unified under some common banner, it was deep in our bones, the want to be one. I think that's how this all started, as a tool to bring us together, to create something that would give us all common ground. The obsession turned dark. The method of our unification became our undoing. Fifty years, that's how long it took. Fifty short years to segregate the world in a co

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