Hulu Betrayed Me

Okay, so maybe betrayal is a little dramatic. But that is how deep my television addiction goes. Here's what happened... I got home from vacation, a time where I didn't watch much tv, if you can even imagine such a thing, and was ready to sit down and relax with one of my shows. I turn on the Apple TV and click on my favorite app, Hulu. I mean they got me. They understood what I needed for optimum television viewing. All my favorite shows were organized, new episodes ready in my queue. After a week of lake time and kids and driving and cleaning up vomit in a gas station bathroom (I'll save that for another post) I was ready for some quiet time. But Hulu changed while I was gone. My beloved q

My Process (It's not just about coffee.)

Okay, so maybe it's just about coffee. After all, I don't know if a lot of words would make it onto a page without that wondrous nectar that is my sanity. But there is more to writing than coffee. There's also pajamas. I don't know that I have ever written while dressed in something other than comfy PJs or sweats. Could I? I mean, I'm sure that it's possible to get dressed and slap on some makeup and then sit down to write but what if that was the thing that would ruin it all? I'm not willing to risk it. But my writing process isn't really about pajamas or coffee. It's about intentionality, mixed with an overactive imagination and a splash of crazy. Most days I am at home with a one or both

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