#TCO3Bloodline Fan Art!!!

EEK!!! The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline rereleases in just 9 days!! To kick off the festivities I am hosting a fan art contest and the entries are in!!! I will be sharing one entry a day (starting today) across all my social media platforms. (You can find me on all social media by clicking on the little icons found all over my website.) We have 7 talented persons who were inspired by my little book and created their own personal works of awesomeness in hopes they would win book swag from me and Blue Ink Press. Take a look at all the entries and then find them on my social media to vote for your favorites. And you can vote as much as you want. How do I vote you ask? Good question. 1. Lik

I Wanna Be A Book Dragon.

I am not a reader. I don't do much of the reading of the books. I like more of the watching of the movies and the television. And, yes I get that I write books that I want people to read so the fact I don't read a lot is kind of weird and maybe a little hypocritical. I am working on it. It's actually one of my "year on purpose" goals, to read more fiction. (I say fiction here because I actually tend to read a lot of devotionals like Lisa Bevere's Lioness Arising which I highly recommend. So I do read, some, just not of the kind that I write which brings me back to the earlier statement of being a little hypocritical.) Why? Why am I worried about this? Why am I making it a goal? I mean I've s

Delivered By Angels

Thanks to my time at Vox Dei (my Booktrope imprint) I made some wonderful friends. I am super excited to be hosting one of them on my blog today. She has just rereleased two of the books in her series, Entertaining Angels and Before We Say I Do. On June 14th she will be releasing the third book in the series, Delivered By Angels. Here's a little bit of her heart in writing this latest book. Welcome Emerald Barnes... Delivered by Angels was a difficult novel to write. One, I was dealing with something I have no experience with, and two, I was once again faced with how angels would deal with certain situations. Let me tell you, that’s no easy task. It’s not like most of this is covered in the

Letter to My Teenage Self.

Dear high school me, We are pushing ever closer to 40 and while you may think that’s really old, trust me you will change your mind when you’re my age. You will also rock your thirties so don’t stress about getting older. Also don’t stress about acne…it’s not going anywhere so you have plenty of time to be bothered by it, not care and then be bothered by it again. Besides, a pimple won’t kill you. While we are on the stress thing, don’t stress about boys. You have never been the boy crazy type but you’re still a girl and a little bit of a hopeless romantic (that won’t change) and so you want a boyfriend. It’s okay to want one. It’s even okay to have one. It’s not okay to change yourself or m

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