A New Home

In April I found out I would be losing my publisher, Booktrope. (It's a not so long story that you can catch up on the details about here.) After a few days of panic and prayer I still didn't have a plan. Would I seek out a new publisher or agent? Would I self-publish? It was a quirker. And the idea of it all hurt a little bit because I loved my Vox Dei family. (The Christian Imprint of Booktrope.) In a social media post another Vox Deian mentioned being a partner at a new Indie Publisher. I remember thinking, 'I wonder if they would want to take my books on?' I looked them up and realized they only did local authors, and I wasn't local to them, so I tossed that thought aside knowing that Go

One + One = One. (Making Marriage Math Work is Hard)

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in April. In some ways it feels so weird because it seems like just yesterday that we were saying I do and yet it also seems like we have already been together a lifetime. And I mean that in a good way. It's hard to remember what my life was like before him. We love each other more today then we did back then. We understand each other, and marriage, more today then we did back then too. When you are young and in love and getting married it's so exciting and there are butterflies and goosebumps. It's all very romantic and emotional. After 14 years there is still romance and emotion, some new and different emotions have come into pl

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