7 Pieces of Advice for Our Daughters (And Maybe You Too)

When I was 15, God first planted a seed inside of my heart. He then watered it with life experiences, gifts, and a calling that later sprouted and grew to be bigger than anything I could’ve ever imagined. You, daughter of the King, are no different. God has placed in you a seed of purpose and a unique set of gifts, abilities, and passions that He wants to use to advance His Kingdom. Whatever God has called you to do with your life, here are 7 pieces of advice to help you stay focused on Jesus in a world that tries to tell you what you can and cannot accomplish. 1. Pray without ceasing, dig deep into Scripture, be connected to a local church, and seek the Holy Spirit every single day. Without

#LiveChosen- Build Your 'Get to Know God Better' Plan

We are each created on purpose, for a purpose. While part of that will be walked out uniquely, the foundation for each and every one of us is to know God; not just about Him, but a personal intimacy that comes through relationship. The more we know Him, I believe, the better we know ourselves and the clearer our individual purpose will become. If we want to know God better so that we can know that we know His voice and can trust His directions then we have to spend time with Him. We usually fail at developing a daily quiet time because we either don't make a plan or we make a plan that is too hard to maintain. I want to help you build a plan that sets you up for success. What do I mean by su

Yoga Booty Ballet Is Not My Friend

So, this is my year on purpose. One of the things I want to be more intentional about is my health and the health of my family. Don't worry I am by no means getting carried away with any of this. I like sugar and chocolate way too much to go off the deep end. But I do see the need to take my health more seriously. After all, I am not 22 anymore. And for those who might see a picture of me and mistake skinny for healthy let me burst your bubble by letting you know I can't make it up a flight of stairs without getting winded. (This is assuming I even take the stairs, I mean we do have elevators for a reason, right?) So what does my family's foray into being more healthy look like? 1. We switch

Thoughts After The Birth

“It’s like having a baby.” I had heard authors talk about writing and publishing like that for a while before I published. I didn’t really get how painfully honest that comparison was until I published The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline. Now, here I sit, four days after finishing the manuscript for its sequel and I do feel like I gave birth again, and this time the sensation is even clearer. It’s this mix of excitement and anxiety and hope and fear and nausea and exhaustion. When you’re pregnant its all you think about. Even when you’re thinking about your job or spouse or weekend plans, you are thinking about being pregnant. You can’t help it. It’s this undeniable part of you that can’t

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