Added Goodies

We are on the downslope of this holiday season and ready for the coming New Year. I don't know what was found under your tree or in your stocking on Christmas morning but one more gift can never hurt. Vox Dei Publishing is having a special giveaway to end the year and you could win!! There are lots of great goodies from several Vox Dei Authors including a leather cuff bracelet, a $10 Starbucks giftcard, cool author swag, and 4 autographed books including a signed paperback of The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline from yours truly. There is only one day left to win so don't miss it!! ENTER HERE!!! And have a very Happy New Year!!! #VoxDei #giveaway #freebies

I Was Going to Write About Star Wars

Okay, so, everyone everywhere is talking about Star Wars. Even people that have never seen any of the Star Wars films (I'm trying not to judge) are joining in the pop culture extravaganza by posting memes about how they've never seen Star Wars. (Let's see how many times I can say Star Wars in one paragraph.) Seeing as yesterday the Force awakened I thought coming up with some awesome exploration of the films would be culturally relevant and I would sound really cool. I really couldn't think of anything. At least nothing fresh. To be fair I have had a distracting ear worm for the last three days. (Can someone please tell me why that girl wants a hippopotamus for Christmas because I don't get

It's A Twofer!!!

Vox Dei (my amazingly awesome publisher) has so much goodness coming your way. For real. Some amzing books are about to be released and I am so super excited to get to share in their launch joy by spreading the word. We kicked off with our introduction to Niki Krauss' upcoming LIttle Girl mended and I get to follow up by revealing the cover to not one but two soon to be releases. We will go with ladies first and start with The Gates Manor Band by Jan Hem (Insert applause here.) Julia Burch is a typical 50 year old tired of her typical life. But that changes when she answers a mysterious phone call that takes her back 30 years. A series of inexplicable events leaves Julia searching for answer

Comfort & Joy

“The point isn’t to protect us from all the bad sweetheart. Its to be with us through it.” - Charlie, The Chronicle of the Three. After a month of getting out of rhythm I found myself firing back away at the second book in my trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three. It may not make much sense to say this, but sometimes my characters surprise me. The story goes to places I hadn't initially planned. They say things that I hadn't thought they would say. Weird, I know but I guess its my process, to let my imagination be a little too real. I have this character in the second book (possible spoiler alert) who I am quite fond of, a curmudgeonly old man. Mostly he's snark and support but then this scene

Little Girl Mended

I love my publisher. Seriously, Vox Dei rocks socks. (And not just because they published my book though that is still pretty awesome.) I love my publisher because this little group of authors, editors, proofreaders, cover designers, etc have become like a little family. We pray for each other, encourage each other and support one another's work. So I am totally excited for this little first here on my blog and know it is just the first of many. Today I get the privilege of being part of the cover reveal for Niki Krauss' upcoming release, Little Girl Mended. (EEK!) About Little Girl Mended No little girl should ever have to learn about sexual abuse at the hands of her father. But I did, and

The Thrill of HOPE

Christmas is supposed to be a merry time. Its supposed to be all about joy and giving and hope. But it occurrs to me that while I am wrapping gifts and baking cookies and decking the halls, not everyone is so joyful. Some are grieving. Some are lonely. And some have simply lost hope. The dictionary defines hope as, "the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best:" If that is hope a lot of us lack it. Maybe just for a day but unfortuantely there are those who have a hard time finding much to hope for any day. Situations arise and we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. We get caught in the darkness of our own fear and anger and pain and lose sigh

Because Besties Share.

Because its Christmas and because when you find something you love, you share it with your BFF, I am having a giveaway! Shout out to me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest who you would share a copy of my book with and you could win a free copy for you and your friend!! The more you post and share the more entries you get. On December 15th I'll choose 5 random winners who will receive a free digital copy of my book, The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline, for them and a friend. And 1 lucky winner will receive a signed copy of my book for themselves and 1 wrapped up all ready to go under the tree for their bestie!! (If you already have a copy you can still enter and choose two friends

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