Learning to Love Yourself

One of the most freeing things you’ll ever do is learn to love yourself. There’s so much peer pressure on everyone to look, talk, and act a certain way, but then, that can detract from who you really are. It’s easy to follow the crowd, but it’s more rewarding to learn how to love yourself. I’ve always hated myself. I hated the way I looked. I hated the way I talked. I hated the way I was so shy. I could have easily given you a list about everything I wanted to change about myself, and at one point, the only thing I could tell you that I liked about myself were my eyes – and maybe my smile. God completely changed my attitude one evening, though. He used a song on the radio, Beautiful by Mercy

This Eye-Opening Truth Will Increase Your Faith.

The world wants to see the God we believe in. They desire perspective, revelation and a glimpse of truth from someone like us; that is just as vulnerable as they are. People feel they can’t see, touch, hear or feel God. They assume he isn’t real or he is invisible and unreachable. The truth is; God is a visible God! Our visible God can be experienced everyday in miraculous ways. He can be recognized moment by moment in the middle of our ordinary lives. We see him in the stars, the moon, the sun, ocean, flowers and in all creation. We feel him when we love, laugh, hurt or cry. We know he is with us when there is nothing left to hold onto; and we are encouraged by unexplainable hope. God sp

Happy Dancing!!

Did you know I took creative writing classes in college? Actually I was a creative writing major for the short time that I was at a secular college before Bible school. That may not seem like a big deal except for the fact that at no point prior to college did I ever think about pursuing any kind of career in writing. And at the time I was struggling with a call into full time ministry so when I left Sweet Briar to work on becoming a youth pastor I felt like that time had been wasteful. I didn’t understand the why. But God was maneuvering me all along. It wasn’t too long down the road I got it stuck in my heart that I should write a book. Not should, I needed to write a book. Something that

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